Friday, July 24, 2009

Maui Taylor Naked with fruits

So this comeback—it’s not to make a record, after all?
I was just so thrilled when Tita Mhit (Pimentel, their handler at Viva) told us that FHM wanted us to do the cover again. Then when I found out kanina that this would be my fourth time on the FHM cover, I was, like, great, thank you. I trust FHM as much as you trust me.

How do you feel about this whole reunion thing?
How am I supposed to feel? Oh my gosh… I feel kind of strange doing this again kasi I’m not used to doing these pictorials anymore. Recently all my shoots were, you know, wholesome—and I wore clothes! So here I am again, feeling weird.

What’s best about being with your two co-Hot Babes again?
It’s like having that bond that you used to have. Now we are all together again. Siyempre we all do our own thing when we’re at work. So it’s like missing each other, missing what we’ve always talked about—girly stuff, yeah.

Okay, so on to you—how are you doing?
Two of my movies came out last year—yung Torotot and Teach Me to Love. Ever since I resigned at Magic 89.9, I’ve become sort of known na rin for hosting. So I’m more into singing and hosting now—yes, I sing. That’s what’s keeping me busy. And I’m always out of the country for shows. So this year I’m doing an indie film. Wherever 2009 takes me, that’s where I’m going.

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